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About Us

NBI Bryans, Inc. Doing Business As, developed out of the idea that young men can be taught how to become responsible fathers. We strive to create a new identity different than those portrayed in the media that many young fathers are sex-mongering dead-beats with no interest in raising the children they helped to create. Our team consists of professionals who came from similar backgrounds and many of who were young fathers themselves. We know from personal experience that the mind-set of a 19-year old expectant father is different than that of a 30-year old who is having a child for the first time. The majority of urban fathers love their children and want to be there, yet they have no idea how to make it work and they don’t connect with Ph.D.’s who state facts that data support but cannot keep the attention of a 15-year-old high school dropout who sells Marijuana and listens to hip-hop music all day. What makes our approach different is our personal experience has made our team members specifically suited to reach this generation of young fathers. Our various workshops address the fact that these young fathers (1) need support in playing a meaningful, positive role in the lives of their children; (2) often lack familiarity with and access to informal educational resources that foster a positive view of fatherhood; (3) often lack familiarity with the true role of a father and what it means to be responsible; (4) often lack familiarity with the child support process and many times learn about the system after they have violated some law or are far behind in their support payments; (5) need support in identifying responsible behavior; and (6) often lack familiarity with respecting authority, which often causes young men to eventually get in trouble with the law.

Since 2010, NYF has achieved a number of milestones which include: the creation of an interactive website that provides advice and mentorship for young fathers 24 hours a day; also produced, and distributed hundreds of copies of an educational DVD and handbook series designed to help young fathers; and lastly, created and conducted a curriculum of workshops educating young fathers on a number of issues such as parenting skills, child support, family budgeting, custody, job training, visitation, relationships, education, fatherhood after incarceration, and anger management. Through these efforts, NYF has served hundreds of young men. Since 2010, 83% of the fathers surveyed at our workshops were satisfied with the life skills taught; 91% of the fathers surveyed at our workshops said our training methods reached their expectations, and 80% of those surveyed increased their knowledge in parenting skills and life skills.

In the past to administer our programs we have been awarded several grants from The Knight Foundation (via BME - Black Male Engagement) administered by the Miami Foundation, The Power of We Consortium, The Skillman Foundation, Lansing Community Foundation, Forever 21 Community programs. Further our grassroots efforts also help support the services we deliver. has partnered with many other community organizations to serve young men: The Detroit Zoo, Ingham County Friend of the Court, Wayne County Friend of the court, Young Fathers Standing United, Wayne County Community College, McMathis Counseling Center, Nandi’s Knowledge café, The Circle of Brotherhood, Sons of Haiti, The Yunion, Judge Mathis Center, and The Detroit Public Library, The Millennials Project, We are Kings, Boys to books, and Rodney Lamar Page enterprise, LLC.


To Help Young Men become Responsible Fathers.


To invest in teen and young fathers so that they will have to tools to love, care for and raise their children to be productive citizens that contribute positively to society.

A father is very important to a child's development!

Many teen and young fathers have no idea where to start.  We teach them how to love, protect, and provide for their children. Please support our programs by making a donation today!