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The Inspiring Life of Rob Johnson (Newsletter)

The Inspiring Life of Rob Johnson (Newsletter)

I was 9, and the babysitter was 19. She was a close family friend. One day, I was at her

house and she told me to come in the room. She instructed me on what to do. She made me perform oral sex on her. I never told anyone.

There was another incident involving a trusted family male friend. One day I walked to the store with him. On the way back, we went into this shed. He pulled down his pants. I blacked out. I don’t remember anything after that. I was 11.

Because I was acting out at home, it was decided that I should live someplace else. I didn’t know my father, so at age 15, I was sent to live with my aunt in Los Angeles, which was infested with gangs. Eventually, I joined them and was hanging out with some fellow gang members in Huntington Beach, a suburb of Orange County. We saw some white kids coming from the beach and robbed them. I got locked up in a juvenile detention center. My mother flew from Milwaukee to see me. She took a cab from Los Angeles to Santa Ana; they only allowed me to see her for 10 minutes. I felt I had let her down. That was the only time I remember crying in my whole life.

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