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Street Cred: Rules to the Money Game Book Review (Newsletter)

Street Cred: Rules to the Money Game Book Review (Newsletter)

Learning the rules of the money game and running successful businesses didn’t come easy or overnight for author, Khalil Abdul- Aziz. Lessons learned in street life at an early age, along with trying to follow the footsteps of his older brother, Bico who was successful in street hustling, taught him some valuable lessons in life despite these negative circumstances. His first lessons in business began with a candy selling business which then converted over to drug hustling and later into other legitimate business endeavors.

Aziz shares his personal story with readers in the form of a mini autobiography for the first chapter of his book, Street Cred: Rules to the Money Game. In the book, he explained how he reached a turning point in his life when he was almost arrested to do some serious time like his brother Bico did who was serving five years in prison during this time. This was a big wakeup call experience for him. It was this lifestyle and being undisciplined with his grades that caused him to miss opportunities to go to a major university as a local area quarterback star for his high school. He even missed a second chance when he was accepted into a junior college to play ball.

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