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Fatherhood The Soundtrack – CD Project

Fatherhood The Soundtrack – CD Project

Fatherhood The Soundtrack – CD Project


Sunday, July 10, 2011 CEO of tells me about his new CD project


Andre Dandridge: CEO of

Location: East Lansing, MI


MediaMonie: Tell me about


Andre: is a movement that is focused on changing our communities in a positive way. We are a 501c3 Non-profit organization. We focus our energy on helping young inexperienced fathers become responsible men by informing them of the standards of fatherhood.  We want them to build a strong bond with their children. We want them to participate in the lives of their children and develop their children into productive citizens. With our DVD’s website and Workshops we teach these fathers how to deal with the realities of fatherhood in a positive manner. Please visit for more info.

MM:Tell me about the CD project?  


AD: Presently, we are working on a CD: FatherHood the Soundtrack Vol. 1. This CD is a opportunity for the world to hear the inner thoughts of young fathers!  Every MC volunteered his creative talents to help these young fathers and raise some serious money so we can put on more workshops and serve more fathers.

  (A few samples of the songs on the CD)

MM: Tell me about the artists on the CD?


AD: The CD features MOE: No laws for Show Cause, Mark McClain: Real life, the legendary Mad Mone: Don’t Give up on me now, and hip hop Veteran MC MSC: Child Support and Theme. MOE, Mark McClain and Mad Mone each produced their on tracks. MSC’s tracks were produced by Street Marine Shaun Deezy. Each track gives the listener a different view into the life and thoughts of a father.  We hope people support the CD to help our Non-profit’s mission. We have even talked about doing a show were all the artist come together and to benefit the nonprofit. We are also working on our first video: Child Support.


MM: Tell me about where the money goes after a CD is purchased?


AD: The proceeds from the CD will go to fund our workshops.


MM: Tell me where people can get the



AD: Presently the CD is available at If you are interested in helping with the distribution of the CD please contact me at


     *Interview was conducted by MediaMonie*

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