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We Help Young Men Become Responsible Fathers (NYF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to helping young men under the age of 25 to become responsible parents to their children through community outreach and education. Our dedicated team is comprised of education, business, technology, and media professionals that are passionate about helping young fathers overcome their challenges. In fact, many members of our team have shared the same experience of becoming a father at a young age and overcoming the challenges of fatherhood.

In addition to providing our interactive website and informational
DVDs /literature on an international level, we also provide practical educational workshops that educate young men in subjects of parenting skills, responsible behavior, relationships, child support, visitation, family budgeting, job training, fatherhood after incarceration, anger management, and much more. NYF conducts these workshops throughout the State of Michigan and Florida with plans to eventually offer them in every state.

Young Fathers Code:

  • I am proud to be a father.
  • I will take full responsibility in my role as a father and teach my children about life.
  • I am ever evolving to be a better mental, physical, and emotional supporter of my children.
  • I will do all that I can to instill confidence in my children so they can become productive citizens.
  • I will tell my children I love them from my mouth and show my children I love them from my actions.
  • I will raise my children to respect their mother even if I am no longer involved in a relationship with their mother.
  • I will use all of my mental and physical energy to provide a good life for my children.
  • I will expose my children to new and challenging tasks.
  • I will never abandon my children.
  • I will never sexually or physically abuse any child.

Our Mission is to empower young men under the age of 25 to become responsible fathers through the provision of community outreach programs, support, media, and educational materials that serve to offer parenting skills, life skills, guidance, and education. Our goal is to guide and motivate young men to become fathers that raise children that are respectful, creative, productive citizens.

Our Educational DVDs are designed to help Young men with issues such as: adjusting to life as a new father, setting priorities to have the necessities to care for your children,handling baby mama drama, and living up to your potential!

Our Handbooks are a quick reference guide for Young Fathers. It explains the responsibilities of, what you should do if you and the mother of your children are no longer together, what you should do if you get a new woman in your life, what you should do if the mother of your children gets a new man in her life, coping with the stresses of fatherhood, and enjoying your children.

Board of Directors


JD: Concentration Intellectual Property and Communications Law
B.S. Medical Technology

Andre' Dandridge

President / National Director

Ed.S, Educational Leadership, M.A. Teaching, B.A. History

Dr. Kobie Brown

Vice President

B.A. Telecommunications / Media Arts
MBA Candidate

Virginia Allen




MBA in Strategic Management, Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, B.A. in Community Services

Rahman M. Shareef

Director of Public Relation and Operations

MEd. Administration, M.A. Education, B.S. Sociology/ Psychology and Substance Abuse education:

Leon Reed, MEd.

Director of Education and Curriculum/Workshop Coordinator

B.S. Community Service

David Bates

Director of Training and Business Development; Workshop Coordinator

Steven Dandridge

Community Liaison; Workshop Coordinator

Paralegal Certificate of Completion

Ishmael Muhammad

Director of Reentry; Workshop coordinator

Essid Couvillion

Special Events/Promotions Coordinator

MSIS: Masters of Information Systems; B.S. Information Technology, Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA Network+

Chris Dandridge

Co-Founder, Workshop Coordinator

Trinisha Smith

Executive Coordination Director

A.S. Broadcast Arts, Phi Theta Kappa, Cert. Radio and Television

Ramona Dandridge

Director of Production

M.A. Educational Technology, B.A. Communications

Rashad Muhammad

Information Technology Adviser/Workshop coordinator

M.A. Education in the Teaching of Reading, B.S. Secondary Teaching of Health

Corie Muhammad

Education Adviser


Dr. Henry Dandridge, PH.d

Mental Health Adviser

Organization Development, M.A. Business Administration,
B.A. Business Administration

Nandi J. Shareef

Organizational Adviser

B.S. Food Sciences

Robert Williams

Organizational Adviser